Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wonderful women

I've had these photos of two sweetly fabulous ladies from the '60s (I believe) saved in my computer for months. I have no idea who they are, but I just love them so much... perhaps because they look like such family women, like they were just the most wonderful wives and doting mamas. (And clearly hair connoisseurs as well!)

I couldn't get them out of my mind all week. Actually, they've served as my daily reminders to take it easy and enjoy the life I have, since I've been feeling so stressed by the constant balancing act. So today, inspired by their serenity, I put down my blackberry and planner, grabbed a scrumptious-looking salad with lots of avocado, and thoroughly enjoyed a few moments of sunshine outside, just me and my thoughts. It was heavenly. Then, I called my mom for some TLC, because we all know that mothers -- awesome hairdo or not -- are always sweet and especially fabulous.


  1. ha! love it. and LOVE the hair!

    and what a great idea to "un-plug" every once in a while :)

  2. OMG their hair, it's so awesome!

  3. oh wow, these photos are beautiful! i love that these family women look so glamorous:) thanks for the inspiration, helen! i can totally relate, i'm struggling with the balancing act, too. i may just follow ur example and put the blackberry down asap:)

  4. I know -- I wish I could pull off their hairstyle! Too fabulous.


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