Friday, April 23, 2010

short tales

Lately, I've been entranced by the short film and short story. I don't know if it's because brevity and concision add an edgy dimension to every artform, or if it's simply 'cause I'm an ardent fan of "less is more" and like seeing it applied everywhere (well, maybe except eating!). Either way, I'm continuously moved by shorts.

And they're kind of taking over my life! Last weekend, I line produced my friend Perry's short film; I'm reading (again) some amazing short stories (Jhumpa Lahiri and Miranda July, I highly recommend); and tonight, I'm seeing some of world's best short films at the Tribeca Film Festival (I nabbed an all-access pass for the entire festival, wahoo!).

Really makes me wonder: how would our lives be conveyed if it were a short film or short story? In ten or twelve minutes, what would I say about myself? What would others say about me? Hmm...

PS: Some cute short films here and here.


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  3. My short story would have about 3 sentences....with only one thought in and why? But it would still be a smile at the end of that rainbow, not sure if I'd have a pot of gold tho hehe.

    Have a groovy weekend :)

  4. If you like short stories, you should really check out Pieces, which is a compilation of shorts, edited by Stephen Chbosky, the same author who wrote The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I got through it in 3 days!

    - Taylor S.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion Taylor :)


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