Monday, March 29, 2010

rain, schmain!

It's been rainy all weekend in NYC, and I dislike it! But I guess we're just beginning to gear up for more showers in April. The only bright side to this rainy weather (no pun intended) are these fantastic DKNY Active Rain Boots. I've never owned rain boots (truly!) because it's so tough to find a pair that doesn't scream I'm-a-RAIN-boot-look-at-my-POLKA-DOTS-and-STRIPES! But I guess DKNY has shown me that rain boots can be chic, would you look at that.

PS: More DKNY posts...


  1. I would totally jump in every puddle I see in those! They are so adorable! I really don't like boots that look like they are worn in a kindergarten class. Thanks DKNY!

  2. ugly. just sayin. Rock the flip flops or the sneaks.

  3. Hey Helen :)

    Now these boots are VERY SHARP. I've never seen a pair like them.....I would love them in a gray or brown (would brown even look right?...hmm) either way, they're really nice. We had rain earlier in the weeks, but thank Goodness no rain this one.

    Have a fab day :)

  4. Oh silly anonymous! Flip flops or sneaks in the rain? We're going to have a talk about the merits of dry feet. ;)

  5. ah need these! it was snowing in Ireland today, and it never snows. Especially not in MARCH!!

  6. it's raining heaps here in sydney too! i think i need one of those rain boots.


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