Tuesday, March 9, 2010

blue dreams

Today, I felt the first tiptoe of spring in Manhattan. I wore a light trench coat and walked to class completely drenched in sunshine, my long silky scarf flying in the warm (oh so warm!) breeze. Really, I wish I could be outside all the time in beautiful weather like this, but just three more days until my exams are over! (Wish me luck.) And then Buenos Aires, here I come! I leave Friday. :)

PS: Did you watch the Oscars??? I adored every single moment, from the pretty dresses to Steve & Alec's hilarious jokes. (Rachel McAdams & Elizabeth Banks' dresses below are my fave -- do I have a bias for blue? I think.... definitely!)

(top two photos by Susannah Conway)


  1. Hey :)

    Earlier today was nice, the weather was 55...beautiful and quiet. I'm so glad that Spring is finally coming into full bloom! As for the Oscars? Not so much these girls, but I was a favorite of; Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, and Miley Cyrus . Eveyone else look like they had on a bad prom dresses to me. I thought ALex Baldwin & Steve Martin was awkward...gee, thanks Alex. They should have left the show up to Steve! Overall, it was a complete BORE, with spills, fails and comedies of error....my goodness, I grade it a D+. But thank goodness for comedians like Ben Stiler who came out with the whole Avatar skit...too creative & funny!

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. Oh wow, your description of spring is just delightful!

    Love the oscar dresses too.

  3. Tuesdai, you didn't like the Oscars? Well, did you at least like the cool dance interpretations? I thought they were neat :)

  4. ahh the blue is lovely and so is the weather!

  5. I hate how nice weather starts during midterms :(

  6. I wish I was outside right now! So nice out :) I really am loving these pretty pictures you have here.

  7. I adored those dresses so much! I also loved Demi Moore's and Diane Kruger's.

    How exciting to go to Argentina! I'm so jealous.


  8. i love rachel's dress. could totally wear it in a beach wedding! haha. daydreaming again!


  9. gluck with ur tests, helen! buenos aires?? lucky girl! can't wait to see pics from ur trip:) rachel mcadams dress is gorgeous!


  10. Ooh! Spring is starting! Ahh, i feel the warm air as well. The Oscars were amazing! Funny too! I heard that greyish-blue is a new color of the season, so you are a step ahead!


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