Sunday, December 27, 2009

ghosts of christmas past

I'm working on a little photo project for my Dad's upcoming birthday (shh!) and just came across some pics from my very first Christmas (in Canada) back in 1995. We had just immigrated from China and so had to learn all these new customs, although I think my six-year-old self was more thoroughly excited than confused.

I thought it was just wonderful -- don't let that forced smile fool you! I still love the old pink Christmas decorations, wacky orange furniture and cool seventies lamps. Oh, and that star that didn't quite reach the top of the tree somehow, ha!

(Also -- what the what? My Mom seriously does not age.)


  1. Oh Helen baby! You look sooo cute. Just adorable :)

  2. these pics are so cute!:D what a sweet gift for ur dad:) hope u had a wonderful holiday!


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