Wednesday, December 30, 2009

best of prague!

While I can't really do much with this cold, I can think about Prague and organize all my past semester's memories. (Yup, blogging in bed with my glasses on... so chic.) So... voila! I humbly present my Best of Prague guide, a series of my recommendations on local attractions, day trips, food & drink, nightlife, and Czech specialties + souvenirs. You can take a girl out of Prague, but you can't take the Prague outta her! Hope you enjoy! xo


  1. hi, helen! thx for ur comment on my blog:) it's truly a coincidence lol! i've been somewhat obsessed with capes, too haha! thank u for sharing ur lovely pictures of prague:) looks like u had a great time out there!

  2. awesome! I am very, very jelouse. I hope you feel better soon!


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