Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween memories

I spent this Halloween in London with my best friend -- it was the end of my backpacking trip, and I was pooped! We had Indian food and talked for hours, just like old times. I loved finally seeing her... but I definitely missed how huge Halloween in NYC usually is. The Village Halloween Parade, everyone in costume on the streets, it's a great time to be in New York City!

Last year, I was a pirate girl. My roommates (two flowers and a football player!) and I loved getting ready for the parade and seeing all the cool costumes. (This roller-coastering duo was my favorite.) I can't wait to catch up on all of your Halloween stories this year! :)

Halloween, 2008


  1. I love the costumes :). I live in Australia so I didn't really celebrate Halloween! However we did still have a few trick-or-treaters turn up at our house.

    I love your secret garden post by the way :).

  2. Oh, how lovely to live in Australia though! I would love to visit. :)


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