Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Vertumnus by Guiseppe Arcimboldo

We're learning Renaissance and Mannerist art in my Art & Architecture class, and I just had to share this incredibly innovative portrait of Emperor Rudolph II (of the Habsburgs, who, did you know, ruled Prague in the 1500's?). Perfect for October, as autumn (sadly) succumbs to winter. Temperatures are in the low 40's this week with lots of chilly winds -- I'm afraid to leave my room! Hope you are all staying warm. :)


  1. Arcimboldo's 4 paintings of all the seasons are in the Louvre! You should go see them =)

    and yes. we should skype soon!!!

  2. I will in a little more than a week! Heading to Paris on the 28th! :)

  3. Yes I was also going to say that those paintings were in the Louvre! You'll like it there for sure!!!

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