Tuesday, September 8, 2009

food dreams

Break between classes right now... and I'm thinking about family and recipes. My resolution this semester is to severely limit eating out at restaurants in favor of cooking at home and feeling good about what I eat. But none of that sandwich/pasta stuff either, especially since groceries are so cheap here in Prague! Some inspiration via the domestic goddess, Smitten Kitchen:

corn bread salad

nectarine galette

tomato and corn pie

cubed, hacked caprese

peach cupcakes with brown sugar frosting


  1. Isn't she amazing? Her pictures always leave me hungry.

  2. She's amazing, I'm so in awe of her talent!

  3. you should do http://www.fancyfastfood.com/


  4. -sigh- It looks so good. Now I'm hungry and I have to bother Mom
    -Your Sister


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