Monday, August 3, 2009

vintage bikes

Well... okay, they're not exactly vintage in age, but stylistically, they're full of vintage charm. I've never ridden a bike in NYC, so that's my goal for spring when I'm back in the city: buy a sweet bike and pedal over the Brooklyn Bridge, through the winding streets of the West Village, and then some. Must be so peaceful... (Yes, this is possible even in NYC!) Are you a fan of biking?


  1. REAL vintage bike: the Flying Pigeon.

    they actually sell these iconic bikes in the US:

    pair it with a "Serve the People" messenger bag and it'll be the ULTIMATE hipster, commie-chic statement!


  2. whoa! thanks Haonan! You should get one of these bikes so that I can not-so-secretly borrow it ;)


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