Sunday, August 9, 2009

thoughts on you and me

I was really touched by this short film (completely shot from a cell phone!), and am feeling pretty ashamed of how we New Yorkers are such a hardened crew... but I think we all try to make up for it in our own individual ways, right? Watch the message:

Doesn't it make you wonder...

Wouldn't we all be a little kinder and more empathetic if we asked ourselves this more often? I know I would. :)

(video and photo via the English Muse)


  1. Wow almost cried. Oi Must be the music you know the song?

    Ps. thanks for talking last night!

  2. Hmm.. look at the end credits. And of course, I love catching up.. even if it's at 1am in the morning! :)


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