Thursday, August 20, 2009

this is old news but...

Since I linked The Uniform Project in my last post, I can't help but elaborate! One of my daily addictions is checking out the newest outfit by Sheena Matheiken, who vows to "wear one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion." Check out her fabulous accessorizing and wonderful cause here. As for the outfits, these are my favorites -- although you'll have to see for yourself!


  1. Could you do this? I don't think I could. What a remarkable lady. I'm truly in awe.


  2. oh! the outfits are so much more creative than i imagined they'd be. when you first posted on it, i thought 'ew, gross!' and 'wouldn't people notice that she's wearing the same thing EVERY DAY' haha.

    well, now i can see the power of accessorizing!

  3. Yes. I love seeing what she's wearing everyday. So inspired!

  4. Yeah, her accessories really make each outfit unique, right? I think I'd do it for charity, definitely. She's raised $10,000+!!!


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