Wednesday, August 26, 2009

POV: I'm not happy with Urban Outfitters

I just finished browsing Urban Outfitters UK and found a bunch of amazing shoes not listed on the US stores and site. Actually, almost all the UK apparel is new to my American eyes and dare I say it, freaking expensive. Why is this?!

Unique markets is one answer. I understand every company should be cognizant of varying international consumer demands and tweak product lines accordingly (for example, McDonald's menus are different in China compared to US counterparts). But why the need to completely differentiate product selections when US and UK style demands are so similar? Who doesn't want quality, variety, and fantastic price? Not Brits and Yankees!

We all know things cost more in Europe. But I don't understand why the exact same wedge boots I bought from UO US cost $48 (its current price now), but are £120, or almost $200, on the UK website! Sorry Urban Outfitters, your on sale We Who See boots are the same product as your Faryl Robins, name change or no. As a Brit might say, "I'm not that daft."

So you slipped up, Urban Outfitters. There are some products in common between the two websites after all! But why are these knit booties £75.00 in the UK and (under pseudonym) $58 in the US? And these oxford wedges a whopping £170.00 in the UK when they're on sale for $99 in America? Why isn't product pricing standard all around?

I just don't get it, Urban Outfitters. Do you double European prices because customers are intimidated by international shipping fees and don't do their research anyway? Do you offer an expensive UK product line in order to conceal a thriftier American alternative? Do you change the names (and prices) of exact same products because we don't pay attention?

Tell me there's another reason. Every relationship -- boyfriend-girlfriend, consumer-corporation -- is built upon a foundation of trust. If I can't trust that you won't cheat me of my hardearned cash (because this name changing thing is bullshit), how can we continue this relationship? I think my British girlfriends would agree: we'd rather buy our shoes elsewhere.


  1. Absolutely unbelievable, isn't it!?!? We will definitely need to check to see we're not ripped off in the UK haha. And British people should know that shipping and handling is nothing when it comes to how much you save in certain cases!

  2. I totally get you. I walked into Urban Outfitters yesterday and just felt like giving every clerk a stink-eye just because they work there. Haha, it's not their fault though, and I swear I'm not that mean. :) But cmon, overpriced is an understatement!


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