Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no pumps for prague

via badgley mischka

Starting to pack for Prague today was really bittersweet, but only because I won't be bringing any heels with me! Prague is covered in cobblestone streets, which we all know are the arch nemesis of stylish stilettos (even if we're only familiar with the brief cobbly blocks of SoHo). I'm going to pack a pair of 2-inch leopard pumps for emotional support, but I'll have to rely mostly on moccasins, flats, and boots. I will miss you, my pretty high heels!


  1. Helen, I swear! You're going to regret not bringing and high heels with you!!! All the girls who go out wear cute heels and leggings and tops. Also, at least bring one pair of boots! You want heels. don't think about practicality that much!!!

  2. Ming, I'm bringing one pair of wedges ;)

    Amy, all the Prague alum told me they shipped their heels back home because Prague is 100% covered in cobblestone!!! Maybe I'll sneak one high pair.. just hope I don't ruin them! :(

  3. Aw hun!! Don't worry, the leopard print is definitely a good choice! :)


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