Sunday, August 23, 2009

hair = life

(for Samson, hair really was life. via flickr.)
"I’m always unbearable with my hairdressers the first time. But hear me out: They are all potentially about to ruin my life." -- Garance Dore
I got an awful, brutal haircut three days ago -- too short and choppy when I had just asked for a trim! It was such a terrible shock, I almost cried. Garance is so right!!! Glad I'm not the only one sensitive and dramatic about my hair. Are you the same? Meanwhile it's ponytails and buns for me. :(


  1. ahh i now just how you feel. i am in dire need of a haircut but since i'm in shanghai, i'm super hesitant to get it cut. i dont want to look super fobby lol

  2. oh god, do NOT get it cut in China! Get it done here... or else the risk of getting a fobby haircut increases exponentially. Whatever you do, don't let them texturize your hair with a razer!

  3. I remember reading Garance's post a few days ago, and thinking, "She is dead on" re: the power of the hairstylist.

    Hang in there, miss thing! Hair grows, and fast!


  4. DEFINITELY NOT A BAD HAIRCUT AT ALL! It looked wonderful and flowy when I saw you on Skype :) You're always gorgeous in my eyes...I love it though!


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