Sunday, July 26, 2009

my wonderful NYC weekend

My dears! I've been AWOL this weekend because I took a mini-vacation in NYC and Long Island, hopping from museum to beach, and hanging out with two old friends from high school. It was so relaxing and fun (although my face is a shade of tomato right now)! I'm exhausted, but here are some pics:

Visited the Met's "Model as Muse" exhibit
... and hung out with statues!
Stayed with my friend George (whose kitchen is rad!)
Went to the beach!!!

You can click here to see all of my pictures from the weekend. I had a blast, how was yours? xoxo


  1. Great pictures hun! I commented all over them...and now I also have a craving for pancakes after seeing the picture of them being made!

  2. Speaking of which, we need to go pig out at IHOP sometime!!!


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