Thursday, June 18, 2009

who is she?

I know a girl who
eats grapefruits
the size of her head,

who cries like
a bowl of jello,
and smiles like daisies
floating along the ocean shore.

She loves to paint her toes
the color of poppies
(a flower she's never
actually seen before),

and lives for laughter,
beauty, and chocolate.
Who is this girl, who
stretches like a lioness

before bed every night?
Who never forgets to
set her alarm for the
next morning's miracles?


  1. I really like the strong images. Oi so innocent and reminiscing. Love it :D...I think everyone can identify with this poem.
    Love Love

  2. Mmm hmm, well, my dear, you are not as innocent as you were a month ago!! :P


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