Thursday, June 25, 2009

thoughts on pottery

(photo via flickr)

It's a sad day, but let's not focus on such things for a minute, and just try to relax and feel better. (I intern for Tylenol, so the "Feel Better" campaign is always in my head, sorry!) Tons of people do such cool, quirky things, like knitting or pottery. I like the idea of relaxing while being productive through creating something beautiful. (Reading and running seem tame in comparison!)

Once, in high school, a boy took me out on a "pottery date" and showed me all the tricks of the trade (with a wheel, smock, and everything!), but I wasn't very good at it. So he made me this pretty pot for Valentine's day. Isn't that so nice? I love the concept of homemade gifts and sharing something you enjoy. What would you give? I think I would write a poem or make a scrapbook filled with pictures, dried flowers, and lots of other colorful things.

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