Friday, June 26, 2009

french obsession

(photo via etsy)

First it's Parisian breakfast, now, it's back to the spectacles. I can't get enough of anything French related this week! I just had my bangs cut in an edgy, thick short bangs plus long straight hair kind of way -- sort of European, no? (Make sense?) Wish I had these funky rhinestone vintage cat eye eyeglasses to complement my new 'do. Sigh, I so want to look like this mademoiselle.


  1. Oh you just got your hair cut!!! I want to see it so badly, it must look fantastic! I need to get a haircut soon too...

  2. It's exactly the same as last January haha! Except the length in the back is longer :)

    I still need to email you NYC times. So bummed I couldn't go this week with work. Issues about partying too hard.. explain later.


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