Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a spring pallet

My work clothes are so aggressive! Lots of business suits in black and navy, but honestly, they are kind of too serious! I'm starting work on Monday, where the dress code is very business casual, and I'm desperately in need of more summery pieces! Khaki dresses, soft blazers, colorful blouses and tunics that I can tuck in my trousers, and pastel cardigans -- basically a softer (but still professional) look. I'm excited to dress up (or should I say, down?). Some inspiration for my wardrobe re-do...

(photos via J.Crew and Banana Republic)


  1. You're gonna be rocking out in style at work, my dear!!! Great fashions

  2. I need that khaki dress...

    Excited to see your loot from Banana!

  3. omg i was looking at jcrew's spring collection at work last week and i ear marked the same first two pictures!! haha great taste girl :)

  4. Haha! :)

    BTW, 25% of Banana purchases $100 or more the next three days. Start shopping, ladies!


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