Tuesday, May 5, 2009

indulgent cravings

(photo via smitten, via break or bake)

I'm craving warm, baked goodies and a nice long nap. What is it about intense studying that always makes me hungry and sleepy? Even after big brunches and 8 hours of shut-eye, I just get so tired when I'm (ironically) sitting still! Also, everything is so monotonous in my study room. I'm missing sunshine and bold bursts of color, flavor -- anything! So in between reading dense economics notes, I'm satisfying my tastes with pictures of pretty floral printed tunics and this chocolaty flickr set. Yum. Are you all as crazy as me? I hope I'm not the only procrastination pro...


  1. Mmmmm brownies! I had one at lunch...but I'm totally craving them again.
    Do you fall asleep while studying? I do that ALL the time haha.

  2. Sweets = one of my biggest vices! And my trick to NOT falling asleep while studying is I immediately take a break and read/look at fun things. It wakes me right up!

  3. Ooh, good idea! I'll try that umm...next year :)


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