Wednesday, April 8, 2009

POV: wo(man)hood

(photo via W magazine)

Ernest Hemingway on how to be a man:
"plant a tree, fight a bull, write a book, and have a son." This fun bit of trivia got me thinking about the reverse, or how to be a woman. Don't you ever wonder what defines womanhood, or what situations (other than the physical) mark the transition from girl to woman? Maybe some pinnacles are... becoming an older sister or best friend, wearing high heels (like these cute canvas pumps), cooking a meal all by yourself, and giving birth (with no gender preference, thank you very much). Can you think of more?

Also, my dears, a question: what makes you feel womanly? Taking relaxing candle-lit bubble baths? Being financially independent? Wearing pretty underthings? (Strangely, for me, it's wearing over-sized men's shirts -- super comfy!) I'm so curious about your POV.

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