Wednesday, April 15, 2009

POV: the "go-to outfit" turned uniform

(oxford shirt via gap)

As I've grown older, I've developed a kind of "uniform" that I always go to for those get-ready-in-five-minutes days, aka, almost every day: black or dark blue skinny pants/jeans, a black tank top (I own dozens), a bright cardigan or white/blue collared cotton or oxford shirt (with sleeves rolled up), and maryjane heels. Give or take a watch or chunky cuff, or a necklace if I'm lucky.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm stuck in a rut with these same-looking outfits... but my uniform makes me feel confident, neat, and in control. I totally understand why Carolina Herrera has cultivated her look -- crisp white shirt, skirt, scarf (usually silk), and heels -- and stuck with it for years, decades even. Sometimes, our go-to outfit becomes our uniform and in turn becomes our best outfit. Our signature look, and our personal brand.

So, my dears, do you have a go-to outfit or uniform? Or are you too much of a creative butterfly to stick to one look?


  1. very true. control/consistency breeds power and confidence. and your style works well for you. my first impression was that you were mature/about your work.

  2. thank you drew. you are sweet :)


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