Wednesday, April 22, 2009

POV: Business (NOT) as usual

This sleep mask was a gift... but I look silly when I wear it!

Not so fun fact: sleeping with an elevated leg is next to impossible. I tried for hours last night, in an effort to reduce the swelling on my ankle, and then just gave up to finally catch up on those precious Z's. It was a necessary sacrifice. Also, my cast is ridiculously ugly and useless, so I wore sturdy boots today and still felt totally secure in my step. I think I'm almost all recovered! But onto more interesting news (because my ankle is probably boring you to tears already)...

Today I met this amazing entrepreneur, Peter Bregman, who really inspired me (as have many) to further develop my passions. He does everything: CEO and founder of a consulting firm for Fortune 500 companies, Outward Bounds leader, CNN journalist, and public speaker. I told him all about my plans to publish a book of poems (I already have a title! Will update later.) and pursue other projects in marketing and producing... and he said that juggling my passions was the smartest plan. Here's his astoundingly logical advice:

Basically, being an entrepreneur or freelancer is actually the least risky occupation in times like these. Think about it. When you have one job, you have one client to answer to. And if that client fires you, you're screwed. But as an entrepreneur with many clients (aka, not putting all your eggs in one basket), if one client fires you, you're still fine. It's just a percentage of your overall revenue, and you can always easily find new clients with that go-getter spirit of yours! So basically entrepreneurship is all about creating a different game to guarantee that you can win -- which is why it's reliable as well as fun and exciting. Awesome advice!


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