Wednesday, April 29, 2009

not enough moolah

(photo via czech lands set)

Okay, so I know traveling is expensive, but now I'm starting to realize that preparing for travel is pretty darn expensive too! I mean, just applying for a student visa to Prague (where I'll be spending my fall semester) is $124 -- and then there's booking hostels and purchasing other travel necessities (and indulgences!). I'm planning on buying a nicer, more professional digital camera with a sharp focus to capture all of the details of my travels. Hopefully I'll get some super pretty shots of Prague, like these.


  1. my fee was $220! crazy!
    happy belated birthday my dear, hope your ankle's feeling better :)

  2. Thanks Ming! I'm feeling much better -- wore some heels today. Don't worry, I was very cautious! :)

  3. at this moment, I am broke. but every penny you spend will be soooo worth it!!!! =) I'm so excited for you!

    Please come home so we can catch up!!!


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