Tuesday, April 28, 2009

birthday poem!

toast to a new age

here’s to growing
our souls, year by
year, day by day

here’s to treating
our bodies like a temple
minds like a well
hearts like a bird

here’s to learning
the lessons unlearned
for the fortieth time
and seeing newer
perspectives in each

here’s to loving
each microcosm of
ourselves ever fiercely
even on hard days

here’s to believing
in our specialness,
like a spark to a flame.

(PS: I am drooling at this delicious cake)


  1. That cake looks delicious. There's actually one just like it at the Cheesecake Factory. I forget what's it's called but it's just like 10 chocolatey layers and then one of them is coconut flavored, and I recall there being a cheesecake layer in there somewhere too. SO GOOD.

    that's what I need when I get back to the US. brownies and chocolate cakes. they don't have that stuff here!

  2. Yummm...cheesecake factory! Good memories. Call me the second you are back, okay?


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