Thursday, April 23, 2009

POV: bittersweet without the bitter

(photo via joanna, by elisabeth dunker)

I used to be so change-averse, but along with some other things, I've been learning to embrace change with very little mourning. In two weeks, my time in NYC will be up and I'll move out of my beautiful Gramercy apartment to work back home in Philly. I'm sad to leave this huge part of my life, my New York friends, and my favorite City hangouts... but I'm making myself think positively!

Yes, it'll be seven months until I'm back permanently (due to summer + a semester abroad in Prague), but there are also so many wonderful things to look forward to in the near future. I'm excited for summer's simple pleasures: art or sewing or spinning classes (or all three), running in Valley Forge, beach frolicking, quality hangouts with friends, and lots and lots of time for picture-taking and writing. I'm excited for my awesome classes in Prague on art, architecture, and Czech language. I'm excited to work in creative design, product development, and brand management at my internship. I really feel so lucky and blessed.

Leaving for summer break is always bittersweet, especially if your graduation clock (or other scary date) is ticking louder than ever... but I think any kind of change can be all sweet without the bitter if we continue to remind ourselves that our life's adventures aren't truly reliant on where we live or how old or young we are -- but rather on our willingness to put 100% into living our best, with no regrets. On making time for our priorities, especially ourselves. My friend Anuja put me at peace tonight by reminding me, "We shouldn't have regrets. We for the most part, are quite bold." Do you think like that too?

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