Sunday, March 8, 2009

silly stress relief

To my dearest fellow college students -- what do you like to do to relieve exam stress? I have so much fun dancing like a fool with my friends in between study time. There are plenty of great things that result from silly dancing: A) You feel like an 80's dancing queen when you shimmy and disco shake, B) You solidify your friendships even further by letting loose and bonding through (not so cool) dance moves, C) You get to laugh at the pictures later, and remember the good times.

(Anuja and I shakin' it. The guy making the creepy face in the back is actually our friend. Yikes!)


  1. Haha you are so photogenic even when we're busting out the moves ;-)

  2. oh god, no way. YOU my dear, looked so smokin' hot! Ah, this weekend was so fun! <3


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