Sunday, March 1, 2009

march reflections

(I took this photo at the beautiful Longwood Gardens)

It's March already, my dolls! Can you believe how fast time is passing? I can just feel Spring at my fingertips, and walking outside is so much nicer these days, when it's not pitch black at 4 o'clock!

I'm wondering... what does March mean to you? For me, it's means one more month until my birthday, Spring Break relaxation, and all kinds of flora beginning to bloom. Also, March marks the wave of ever-trendy Spring weddings -- romantic! (Although, some little ones just couldn't wait and winter weddings look quite fun too.)

For my girlfriends (and myself included), March means building the Spring wardrobe. Finally, linen shirts and floral skirts can come out of hibernation. Colorful manicures and new undergarments are also a seasonal treat. (I just indulged in this lovely "wave" bra -- it's super comfy!) And as for the boys, well, I'm sure they're looking forward to March Madness and the beginning of miniskirt season. :)

What do you love to do in the Spring-time? Do you have any specific plans for the month of March? (I'm jealous of my many friends who are going to Miami for Spring Break.)

PS: an adorable "Dear Husband" blog with notes to potential husbands, via Smitten.

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