Saturday, March 21, 2009

let's get cheeky

Last time, I told you guys all about my "Style File," but I forgot to mention that I also have an Inspiration folder -- an idea I stole from an old friend. Want to take a peek? These pictures, for me, inspire life and living my best. They make me think and smile, bringing out my so-called "happy cheeks."

This art student's beautiful desk. Love the flowers.

A more natural look at the Eiffel tower. I like this less-glamorized version better.

To remind us to dress for our own happiness.

... and to love fully and wholly.

I love neat, cute little trinkets: tiny notebooks, postcards, boxes to hold secret things... artsy clutter!

And this combination: wide door-like windows, delicate little gates (what are those things called?) and that egg-shell blue... just perfect.

Proof that there can be a classy, lovely picture of the morning after. So sweet.

Also sweet: hot chocolate, with a snowflake and an etching of a crown! Fabulous!

(first and last photo by krisatomic, the rest are various)


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