Tuesday, March 17, 2009

guac-temptations, not-so-hot sensations

It looked more green than this, I swear.

My relationship with guacamole has really been quite a rollercoaster ride of emotions. For one thing, I completely adore the wonderful concoction and after years of practice, I absolutely rule at making it. It takes a pro's intuition to mix in the perfect amount of salt, pepper, dried tomato, sour cream, and lemon juice. And sometimes, I add some salsa to give it just the right amount of zest. My guacamole is creamy and tangy, and very aesthetically pleasing too. It was a hit on New Year's. On breaks at home, my family always encourages my avocado-chopping, guacamole-making tradition. I'm just that good.

But (and here it gets uncomfortably personal) -- after consumption, I never feel quite so good. Don't get me wrong, the preparing, mixing, and eating parts are great! Lots of finger-licking deliciousness. It's just afterwards, my skin feels a little itchy and I get a bit queasy and... (ahem) gasy. So yes, I get sick -- could I be allergic? I can't imagine giving up my one true culinary talent and favorite food! So there, I said it. Out in the open. Just like any other relationship, my guacamole and I have its ups and downs. But, no big deal -- it's love!


  1. Try just eating each ingredient and wait half an hour between each. And then when you find out exactly what it is, then just rework the recipe without it in it. :)

  2. I bet it's the sour cream. I hate that stuff.. but I always mix it in anyway...


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