Monday, March 23, 2009

do or don't: free people rings

These "Flower Garden" rings by Free People are on sale for $9.95. They're certainly bold and eye-catching -- but are they even pretty?

What do you think -- a do or don't? Would you wear these rings?

On a sidenote:
- NYMag article on Little Boots! As you know, I love her!
- Lauren Conrad's fashion line is dissolved. Thoughts?


  1. They look like something you would only wear with a certain outfit.

    They are cute.

    I think I would wear them

  2. I'm pretty crazy with accessories, so I LOVE bold -- I think I would wear them too. ;)

  3. I would def wear those rings but I wish I had bigger hands to pull them off better haha!

  4. haha, oh noy! They would probably slip right through, my petite-fingered friend!


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