Friday, March 13, 2009

cups and tacos

The coolest ad ever!

So I'm walking back from my friend Perry's birthday dinner at Agave Restaurant (stuffed with Mexican food, sangria, and tequila, might I add), and I see this amazing ad from Tylenol. The plastic encasement is literally stuffed to the brim with coffee cups -- how wonderful is this?! Coincidentally, I'm interviewing with Johnson & Johnson for a marketing/brand management internship next week. So cool to think that I could work on creative projects like this :)

Steak tacos for dinner, mmm.


  1. oh wow! What office does he work at? Wouldn't it be funny if I got the job and saw him at work every day?!

  2. Haha I love that Tylenol ad! It's so creative and sure catches your eye in no time.

  3. I know right? It's about time somebody stepped it up.


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