Friday, March 27, 2009

city, sushi, and bro-ing it out with the guys

(Sushi from Friend House via salty savory sweet)

Today was one of those days that drags on with work, class, and group projects... but it just made me appreciate even more, after last week's Spring Break respite, the city's wonderful energy! Even being productive and busy is enjoyable when I'm constantly surrounded by this infectious and inviting pull, despite today's non-stop rainy weather. Maybe that's why this week has been so glorious, like that first bite of chocolate or steak (yep, clearly I'm a woman and a carnivore)! Being back has skyrocketed my optimism and happiness as of late, and I feel so grateful to be where I am. Right here.

Anyway, ending the tangent -- after I finished all of my work around 9pm, I had dinner at Friend House (one of my favorite places to eat Japanese food) and devoured a delicious combination of sushi, seaweed salad, and miso soup (stealing a few morsels from my dinner companions Perry and Dan -- I was so hungry!). Later, we caught up with more of our friends, and continued to hang out until midnight, listening to music, sipping a delicious combination of gin and pomegranate juice (so yum!) and reading poetry -- yes, I'm serious, poetry reading! Such a relaxing, fun night!


  1. Oh man I so wish I could have made this and finally could have met everyone! Next time for sure and damn, now I'm craving sushi!!! I LOVE YELLOWTAIL =D

  2. It was such a fun time, but you will definitely meet all the boys soon!! Birthday party at the latest! <3


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