Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tweet is sweet

(photo via Twitter)

After reading and hearing (and now researching for work) about Twitter, I've finally decided to jump on the boat and create my own account. It's slightly less obnoxious than Facebook statuses (which I have no qualms updating) and allows for more spontaneity in subject matter than blog entries. A lot of my friends use it (shout out to Mishy!), and I love that I can be perfectly brusque in my opinions without elaboration or explanation. Hmm, reminds me of my diary in the sixth grade...

Oh, and also, I'm amused (and ashamed) to say, my 11 year old sister jumped on this technology more than a week before I did. She's twitter following everything from the New York Times to Ashton Kutcher, and has more followers than I do. Okay, I'm coming to terms with the fact that she might be cooler than me. Might.


  1. I think you should talk to your sister about making it private so that only her people she approves can see her updates.

  2. I let her know she had the option, and that we both advised it, but it's up to her.

  3. I'm gonna make my account tomorrow! I think its so funny how you can see other celebs' stuff too! Good, now we can keep track of each other even more than we already do ;-)

  4. I know right, a little peek into someone's life, haha

  5. ahhh i just had THE funniest conversation with my ancient roman history prof. about twitter--he absolutely just did not get it.
    "so would anyone other than your mother read it?"
    "i guess it depends on who you are"
    "hmmmph....well that's just silly."


    ohhh and what are you up to the weekend of the 6th?

  6. you are your strange classes and professors! ;)


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