Thursday, February 12, 2009

small delights

Yesterday and today's warm weather have been so great -- good-bye coats, hello almost-spring! But I have been feeling a little under the weather lately, although a big factor is probably PMS. Don't you just hate those moody days?

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I'm remembering life's simple pleasures. I mean, even the temperature being a few degrees warmer made me a little happier (and I got to wear my beloved trench coat). Some other small delights are:
  • long bubble baths and scented candles
  • settling into a cozy bed after such baths
  • good hair days (when it's all wavy after being let out of a bun)
  • that first bite of chocolate mousse cake
  • being near romantic-looking flowers
  • listening to classical music (it's so calming)
See, better already! What are yours?

(Photo via the Paper Planes)


  1. So you disabled to comments for the latest post, and this has to do with that.

    I just want to say...

    I want a Tenori-on now!

  2. Oh, I totally didn't realize I disabled it! All fixed :)

  3. Definitely the "good hair days" after taking it out of the bun and getting those natural beach waves in the hair

    Hmmm what else...
    1. The pleasurable pain when you are taking down a cold soda.
    2. The adrenaline rush when you're listening to an upbeat song while running on the treadmill.
    3. Midnight munchies.



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