Sunday, February 22, 2009

for my sister, jessica

(photo via flickr)

you bright young thing!
with smooth sprite limbs
and propped up books
and trendy nooks!

you bright young thing!
with flashy shoes
and movies news
and forgetting the blues!

you bright young thing!
with big big dreams
and crisp fresh looks
you beauty queen!

you bright young thing!
you bringer of glee
you make me love
your bright young things!


  1. Haha nice images. Oh the reminiscing. So old we are (to go Yoda). But the poem is a little too happy for me. :). I like my poetry solemn and depressing. Well, not really.

  2. haha, well, I just love my sister, and she makes me happy :)

    Plus, it's nice to mix it up in genre, right? PS -- did you see the scandalous picture I posted in our blog?

  3. Don't hate, you single child you

  4. I love this poem, she really must be growing up and maturing beautifully =)

  5. She's precious, I miss her lots, but we talk and email like bffs. Cute, eh?


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