Monday, February 9, 2009

costume jewelry and look-alikes

(photos via "costume drama," apparel news)

One thing I've learned is that costume jewelry never disappoints... maybe because they're often statement pieces, both quirky and bold, intricate and refined. If they're vintage, then they've already proven to be durable (unless you choose to purchase broken/rusty pieces. Please don't). I think they're very much worth the investment and absolutely timeless (and appropriate for nearly every occassion), don't you think? Also, they've spawned more inexpensive mainstream imitations. Love the mesh necklace!

(photos via urban outfitters)


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  2. You are so right...hate it when people just wear jewelry for the sake of wearing it and when it looks ridiculously cheap! I like the ones you've recommended!

  3. "Nujie" -- haha, sorry, Anil's nickname has stuck! Let's go to housing works again for more hunting ;)

    And Mish, you have always been more into glam stuff rather than quirky, me-thinks. As per your little coach wristlet. Not exactly my style, but still cute!


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