Sunday, February 15, 2009

POV: ageless style

(photo via advanced style)

I always feel so lucky to live in a city of such diverse, interesting people. It certainly makes for a lot of fun walks and runs -- how could I ever get bored? Fashion in the city is altogether on another level too, sometimes even more individual and inspirational than what's mandated in those glossy magazines. (No offense meant for such magazines -- I work for one!)

Since I've moved to NYC, my closet has swelled with vintage and thrift store bargains, and I've found myself less drawn to retail stores, more to things I'd find in a grandmother's closet. Some of my friends think it's weird to wear clothes that have already been worn by other people, but I just love the rich history of vintage. I feel honored to be part of the lifespan of such a treasure, like the YSL skirt I found for $20. (To think that it's made its way from some wealthy owner to a poor college student!) Anyway, whoever said old was uncool?

Maybe that's why when I see fashionable senior citizens on the streets, I can't take my eyes off them. I love their eccentric clothes, their individual styles and cuts. Sometimes, I see ladies go all out in their furs and lipstick, and I can just imagine their youthful selves in the 40's, looking ever so glamorous. I can only hope to look so wonderful at their age -- or even now!

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