Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I go to business school and love reading and working with different kinds of media, so I'm lucky to have recently landed an advertising internship at Women's Wear Daily! WWD is a prestigious fashion magazine (also known as the "fashion Bible") published daily to keep industry insiders up to date on business proceedings, fashion shows, collection reviews, and other gossip in the fashion industry. Check it out:

WWD is dedicated to providing a balance of timely, credible business news and key women's fashion trends to a dedicated readership. This readership includes retailers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, financiers, Wall Street analysts, international moguls, media executives, ad agencies, socialites and trendmakers.
I'm super excited to finally officially enter into this industry! WWD looks intense, but I'm more than comfortable on the advertising/sales team, and of course, going to fashion shows will be more than okay with me!


  1. Yay! <3 Congratz!!!

  2. thanks hun! So glad you came and visited on Sunday. Love you! :)

  3. Where is this going to be? NYC? or Philly?? Is this magazine kind of like... Lucky Magazine?

  4. oh, this internship is only for the spring. And no, this magazine is less frivolous and more exciting than Lucky! It's owned by Conde Nast (and Fairchild), and is probably more similar to W magazine than Lucky.

    PS: sorry I haven't been able to skype -- this week has been killer. will start pronto <3

  5. good for you!!! that is amazing! EVERYONE in magazines reads WWD every day. :) joanna xo

  6. So happy for you with this internship! Andddd you wore the perfect outfit that day!!! You're gonna rock it, no doubt =)

  7. Thanks Joanna, that means a lot coming from you! :)

    and Anuja, you are so my homegirl. Can't wait to tell you all about it! <3


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