Tuesday, January 20, 2009

stylin' first lady

Michelle looked romantic and feminine on this monumental 44th inauguration day. Barrack, you weren't too bad yourself.

I love how Michelle has already made her own first lady style rules. Yes, Oscar de la Renta dressed Hillary and Laura for the past presidential inaugurations -- but Michelle sticks to her own, and traditional she is not! Michelle picked 26 year old Taiwan-born Jason Wu to design her dress. The result is glowing, lovely elegance. She's truly a breath of fresh air compared to Hillary and Laura's first tries, pre-de la Renta. I think Vogue sums up Michelle's fashion triumph pretty well.

PS: I saw this on postsecret today - hilarious! But true...

PPS: Totally out of context, I also saw this which resulted in this on postsecret, and I think she must've loved him a lot to say yes. That ring is not okay.

(photo by people)

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