Friday, January 23, 2009

happy friday!

(can't remember where I found this photo!)

What are your plans? Personally, I'm not too fond of going out to bars and clubs, although I do love to grab great food and cheap drinks at Maracas with my closest friends at least once a week -- a tradition and 2009 resolution! But usually, on Fridays, I prefer to stay indoors and unwind from the weekly chaos. Fridays are for me -- a time to organize my thoughts, plan for the weekend, and fulfill my need for balance and time for myself.

So right now, I'm vegged out in my chill-out gear (a roomy men's shirt and leggings), sipping tea, looking at pretty pictures and listening to funky music. Delightful!

What do you like to do on Fridays, my dears? Do you feel the need to mellow-out or go out?

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