Monday, January 5, 2009

glove love

Last week, I lost a favorite winter necessity. Well, actually, my major fault was lending anything to my forgetful sister - she left my white wool and brown leather long gloves at the ice skating rink! I was so upset, I went to the rink the next day to look for them... but they were irrevocably lost.

And with freezing temperatures these days, I know I need to start hunting for a replacement. So that brings up the question: which style should I look for?

cool, motorcycle-esque leather gloves

traditional cashmere long gloves

or a pair of funky knit fingerless gloves?

Help me make a decision!
(Photos by Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and


  1. Don't go fingerless. They look cute, but they'll get you when it's really cold out.

    I like the motorcycle ones, but they seem a bit short? Unless you have long sleeves I would look fro something longer.

  2. Mmm, long leather gloves would be phenomenal. Right now, it's tied with the cashmere :)

  3. I like them depends on what touch you want to give the jacket you want. If you want to give a really bold, powerful look...then definitely the leather ones! If you want to soften up the look, then go for the cashmere =) either works!!!

  4. Meh I actually like the fingerless :). The funkier the better.

  5. PS. The weather shouldn't matter. Sacrifices for fashion :)

  6. Anuja - I can just imagine the black motorcycle gloves with my black coat! Definitely bold :)

    Caroline - of course you would like the funkiest. I know you too well haha

  7. my vote's for the light brown leather ones from urban :)

    ohhh and yay for NYC! I'm actually going with a (guy) friend who may also need somewhere to stay too--if you could make that work that would be WONDERFUL. If not, he may be able to find us somewhere to stay too. Either way it would be nice to see you sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening or Wednesday morning while I'm there.


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