Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 resolutions and thoughts

America Ferrera's lady-like dress will be my new inspiration.

I've never really been fanatical about new year's resolutions because they always seem a bit fake. People make resolutions, but after a few weeks, they may completely forget whatever they had so ardently pronounced to commit to. Yet, a slave to tradition, I always end up making resolutions. And sure enough, I completely forget about them until I read back to what I wrote the year previous. My 2008 resolutions were: to read more serious and thought-provoking books, be more daring and risk-taking, and lastly, do what feels right, and never half-heartedly.

Looking back, they seem impossibly heavy, don't they? And definitely ambiguous - how could I tell if I fulfilled the resolution? In a way, they were lovely (though forgettable) affirmations, but I think resolutions should be more specific and measurable. So, this year, I'm proposing a change:

1. Instead of "be more lady-like," I will wear more dresses.
2. Instead of "get toned shoulders," I will do yoga and weight train 2 - 3 times a week.
3. Instead of "make more memories," I will do brunch /dinner/ drinks (and then follow with resolution #2) with
my best girlfriends at least once a week.

That sounds better, I think. What are your resolutions? Are they more specific, or less?


  1. hey girl, thought you might want to see this

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  3. freaking love it. I may actually try to work for new york magazine this summer... we'll see.


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