Monday, November 17, 2008

Relax. Take it Easy.

I'm done with my midterm, and I think (hope) it went well. It's such a relief to have it be in the past - phew! After my hefty load of four classes today, I did a little research on next semester's courses for my upcoming registration, read some of Ai's monologue-style poetry, finished my laundry, and spent some precious time just unwinding and listening to music. Sometimes, it's nice to be domestic. It's a needed contrast to the craziness of everyday life.

And I want to share with you these lovelies:

Sara Bareilles, "One Sweet Love."
I'm a huge Sara Bareilles fan (bought her album the second it was released!), and think she has not only a gorgeous, gorgeous voice, but such a poetic, rare way with words. Her songs tell stories that I think women can really relate to and appreciate. This acapella and guitar version is stunning because the lyrics really get to shine.

Leather Bow Bootie, $98.

I'm pretty much over booties (even the name gets a little annoying), but then I found this. Isn't it charming and casual-chic with its bow, wide heel, and classic tan color?

And lastly, some flowers to brighten your day. Remember to bundle up, it's cold outside!

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  1. i loveee sara bareilles, there's something about that song "bottle it up" as well that i just love...the melody is gorgeous and you just want to be in the arms of the guy of your dreams...


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