Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recounts of Nov. 4th.

Last night was absolutely one of the most exciting nights I've ever lived. I was a little bummed because I had to study for a midterm while keeping an eye on CNN, but when our next president was announced, I could no longer concentrate... Yet, I wasn't as overwhelmed by Obama's (and our country's) victory as I was overwhelmed and incredibly inspired by the people's response.

My floor mates, roommates, and I filled the halls, screaming and hugging and crying - mirroring the excitement and emotions of people from all over the world. I saw on TV people dancing in Kenya, and children and senior citizens hugging in Japan and Indonesia. I saw Oprah crying as Obama gave his speech at Grant Park. All over in New York City, the night was alive with people parading the streets, on their way to Time's Square or Union Square to congregate in joy and celebration. Huge American flags were raised by hundreds of hands, and hugs and shouts of "God Bless America!" were exchanged by strangers. People screamed through their windows, down the streets, in taxis. Cars honked endlessly until four in the morning (an hour later than when the Giants won the Superbowl).

These are the images, the sounds and voices I'll remember when I think back to the beginning of this renewed hope and change in our country. It's rather unlike me to be so captivated by an election because for the past eight years, I have shared this generation's apathy towards politics. Since the sixth grade, I sat in my classrooms and before the TV, watching without caring to understand how the actions of the world were affecting my life - until now. I believe in our new President, and after looking at the similarly moved faces around me, I believe in us, and in myself. These are new times - for this inspiring country, for its inspiring leaders, and for its inspiring citizens.

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  1. I'm really happy too.

    I am however, still solemn by the fact that it took so long and that all this hope is placed under one man.

    I think too often people mix politics with the country. You can be proud of your country and hate your country's politics. And sometimes I wish people never lost sight of that.

    It seems once again we are proud, but that proudness rest so much on the shoulders of one man.

    I truly, truly, truly hope that he will make a difference, but not just any, the right one.

    Because he's got the whole world and the faith of the American people resting solely on his shoulders.


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