Saturday, November 15, 2008

POV: an examination

I'm sitting in the study lounge of my building, failing to study for my exam on Monday because everything is so distracting! I can't go back to my room - my bed looks too cozy, the laptop too tempting, and my roommates too fun. But here in this hospital-white room of people all procrastinating in their studies, I find myself reflecting and reacting. It's as if this sterile, bright room is just desperate for some creativity and contemplation outside of school work.

And I'm always peeking from my accounting notes at what other people are doing, because they certainly are NOT studying. Let's just say, I've been listening to Taiwanese music blaring obnoxiously from the headphones of a boy who resembles an anime character for the past twenty minutes. Oh, and his friend in the corner who is trying to hook up with a girl-who-is-not-interested-but-still-pity-flirting-back? Pleaaase take your hot pursuit somewhere else!

Yet, I'm not as annoyed as I am amused. The people next to me are a group of guys and gals who seem to be fused together by the easy familiarity of their Asian culture and a cloud of sexual tension that hovers above them. It's fascinating to watch them interact. To an outsider (whose curiosity is further amplified by her great disinterest in studying), they almost remind me of a pack of wolf cubs who are instinctively aware of each other, whose conversations sound contrived and planned out. It's all very awkward and humorous to watch. I wonder how much drama, gossip, and jealousy has already ensued.

They remind me of high school, with its years of experimentation. God knows I've seen and been part of that tension before. And with only a stack of notes as my present companions, I feel almost a little nostalgic for those days when we all first awkwardly explored the dynamics of chemistry and attraction. But then I think of how fluid and explosive and clear life is now, after all that education. And I can't help but smile at all I've learned.

Photo via Glamour, by Corey Arnold

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