Thursday, November 20, 2008

the coolest ladies

Today, I met the co-founders of HY Publicity, Helena and Yael. After getting fed up with their current jobs, the two of them started their own Fashion PR company a year ago, and it has been flourishing ever since. And they're only in their early twenties! They do everything, from events management and product placement, to consulting, and creating press announcements/kits. They travel all the time, but still generously made time to meet me and other aspiring entrepreneurs.

And they're an absolute inspiration. All that they have now - several clients and an office on 35th street - is due to their ambition and love for what they do. And it's thrilling to know that I can do the same, that I share with these women a lot of qualities, like our love for independence, which is common amongst entrepreneurs. Gosh, doesn't their story just make you want to quit your job and start your own company?

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