Saturday, November 22, 2008

a collage of happiness

I'm having a really nice, relaxing Friday night. The girls and I are all at home tonight, just enjoying alone time after a crazy week of birthday parties. Emily is watching "Love Actually," and Megan and Kelly are watching "The Chappelle Show," but you know what I love to do in my off time? I love listening to music and looking at photos of art and fashion and nature. Sometimes, I look for things to buy my friends and family. Other times, I search for new pictures to put in my "inspiration" folder - a folder on my laptop that never fails to cheer me up and make me happy. A folder of the most beautiful things...

Want to take a 4 minute peek at my night?

Death Cab for Cutie - "Soul Meets Body"

Next, enjoy.

- A series of intimate photos taken by yann faucher (via cup of jo)

- Vanessa's blog is the most precious little fashion blog yet! It's just feast for my eyes.

- I took this picture at the South Street Seaport this summer. This couple just looked so sweet and contemplative - I couldn't peel my eyes off of them.

- Aren't these shoes perfect for a wedding? (Photo via Peonies and Polaroids)

- I think I might buy an aluminum water bottle for my little sister. They're much more eco-friendly, and I love the one that I have from NYU Stern.

- I think this £3 scarf from Matalan (the "Target of the U.K.") is beautiful. Too bad it's not for sale online anymore.

- My mouth is watering at this exotic fruit plate from Nobu.

- This father wrote his kids a letter every morning of their childhoods. Isn't this absolutely adorable? I'm inspired to do the same when I'm a mother.

photo (via cup of jo) by the doting father and exhibitionist designer Robert Guest)

- I'm looking for a sturdy and stylish winter coat. This one from mackage is stunning - ahh, I want it, but the price is too steep.

- Oh wow. Hmm...

(from a glamorous little side project)

- Couple designers are officially the cutest. The story behind Dahl and Dane: True Love Always never fails to make me smile.

(a picture of Dahl & Dane)

Good night, my friends!

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  1. aww thank you sweetie! and for the templates, go to "layout" then "pick new template" and i'm using the fourth template "minima stretch" hope this was helpful :)


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