Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I love animals with all my heart, but I have to admit - there is seriously something delicious about wearing a fur coat. It is the ultimate fashion luxury.

I almost bought a black mink coat this summer at a great vintage shop in the East Village. It was absolutely stunning on my petite frame (not overwhelming at all, which is surprising) and just classy but casual enough to be worn to any occasion. And the $250 price tag wasn't too bad...

But I promised my mother I would call her before any expensive purchase (she likes to keep tabs, you see), and followed her strict advice in letting it go. It was pure lust, not love, she had me admitting. And, I didn't need a fur coat. I was too young ("It would be obnoxious") and I really didn't have any posh events to wear such a fabulous coat to... so I held off, but I'm still keeping a lookout for this future fashion investment. After all, I am getting older: 20 is a good year, isn't it?

Anyway, today, while browsing through Kate Moss's Fall collection for Topshop, what do I see - a black fur coat that looks identical to my old vintage find!

I am definitely keeping an eye on this...

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